Events 2017- 2018

- Epinal : le 25 - 26 Novembre 2017

- Charleroi : le 27 - 28 Janvier 2018

- Muret : le 10 - 11 Février 2018

- Carhaix : le 24 - 25 Février 2018

New Products


Ephemera Silk
 Developped and Produced in France

4.00 EUR
Double Taper (DT) 30M

 Developped and produced in France

149.55 EUR

Our Know-How

New generation of braided leader, with more density, more softness and with a better floatability. High experienced in the braiding of silk threads for decades, the team “Pêche à soie” has re-designed the profile of the leaders to insure precise landing without any losses of energy. It is exactly running on from the silk line and it is fixed with glue without knot and thus for a perfect running of the line in the rings.

To validate the quality of its products and make still progress their level of performance Pêche à Soie in association with the CTTM (Research Center specialized in the soft material in Le mans – France) finalized after analysis of the molecular chain in condition of coating an innovative process of coating allowing to assure a perfect impregnation in heart.

The toxicologique study led by the CTTM demonstrates that Silk lines from Pêche à Soie respects the environment and the ecosystem. No toxin is used for the manufacturing of our Natural Silk lines.

High quality silk and Metallics threads from

Au Ver à Soie

Other quality fly-tying material from Foxytails, Patridge...

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