Degressive braided leader "Initial" - 3 m for line from #2 to #5

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Degressive braided leader "Initial" - 3 m for line from #2 to #5 Élaboré et Fabriqué en France

Beaware that this product is made in France in our plant in Sologne.


The Nylon which composed this braidedleader is ISO 9001 certified.

At the end you willchoose a taper of your choice.

 Benefits of the braided leader:

1-    The braid has anelasticity of 30 to 35%.

2-     The elongation of the mono-filaments is about15 to 20%, Technical data of the manufacturer of the mono-filament.

3-    This elasticity allows toabsorb the energy when you set the hook and the possibility to fight with bigfishes with very fine points, without the risk of a breakage.

4-    The resistance of thebraid is 8,4 kg or 82,37 N in the smallest diameter.

5-    Absence of memory.

6-    A loop in bothextremities of the braid allows a quick change of the braided leader or the mono-filament.

 Binding of the silk andthe braided leader: