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DTR #3-4 - 30M for roll cast and fast rivers

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DTR #3-4 -  30M for roll cast and fast rivers

 Developped and produced in France

Why choosing the DTR from Pêche à Soie?

This silk line has a unic profil to fish fast rivers because of is special taper and fine tip.
An other adavantage, you can use a very simple leader like:


0.24 mm. Lenght 0.8 m

0.20 mm. Lenght 0.6 m

0.16 mm. Lenght 0.4 m

Tip up to your choice. 

Due to his special profile, it can be used with #3 to #4 rods. It is perfect to do long roll cast with very discrete laydown.

Supplied with out loop.