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Progressive profile (PP) 30M

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Progressive profile (PP) 30M

 Developped and produced in France

The Pure Silk line PP (Progressive Profile) arose from the need to put delicately a dry fly or a nymph at any distance and exactly. 
Its development is the outcome of the rigourous work made by our technical team which has been helped by several experimented fishermen. The PP was tested in an extensive way on a big variety of rivers and we are proud to be now able to share with you this innovation.
On the technical plan we developed an innovating profile. The PP associates the discretion of  a Pure Silk  DT line with the quality of throw of a WF. Provided with a loop at every extremity, it is reversible. 

On big flat surfaces where fishes are very selective, it was necessary to create a Silk line to reach important distances without damaging its discreet criteria for the fishing in, dry fly. It is now done with the PP.
 The convential leader (rather thin) will equip your Silk line.
Our tries were made as followed::
Dry fly side, a braided leader.
Nymph side, a progressive leader of 35/100 ending in 10/100. 
A loop of different colour allows to spot the dry fly side and the nymph side.
To validate the quality of its products and make still progress their level of performance Pêche à Soie in association with the CTTM (Research Center specialized in the soft material in 
Le mans – France) finalized after analysis of the molecular chain in condition of coating an innovative process of coating allowing to assure a perfect impregnation in heart. 

The toxicologique study led by the CTTM demonstrates that Silk lines from Pêche à Soie respects the environment and the ecosystem. No toxin is used for the manufacturing of our Natural Silk lines.