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SWITCH STR #8/9 - 36 M

210.00 EUR
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SWITCH STR #8/9 - 36 M Developped and produced in France

Care of your silk line clic here

The shooting head of the STR#8 weights 32 g -500 grains whose length is around 10 m

Supplied without loop

This line has been designed for the delicate fishing of salmon or sea trout which get stuck in a hole as soon as a "Scandi or Skagit" ShootingHead or other synthetic Spey lines snap.

Its delicacy is due to its unique profile, developed by the Pêche à Soie team.

It can also be used for fishing very big trout in large rivers such as the Dordogne for example.

This line can be used on 8/9 one hand rods or two handed rods such as switch or spey for better fly drift.

Add a 3.60m braided predator leader and you will have a perfect set (also available in 3 and 4.60m).