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TENKARA Developped and produced in France

Care of your silk line clic here


This line was specifically designed for being used on Tenkara rods for enhancing the beauty of this amazing technique.

 A classical approach for one of the most traditional way of fishing.

Crafted with soft natural silk and looped at one side

-   Tenkara lines have delicacy and lightness as main feature. Try this Tenkara silk line without any grease to appreciate its amazing features.

-   If you decide to grease the line, justapply grease to the terminal part, 20-30 cm before the tippet connection point.Please consider that most part of the tenkara line is normally kept out of the water, so you don’t need to grease it all.

-   Ideally apply grease the night before fishing so the line has time to absorb it and carefully remove any excess which may increase the weight.

-   Cut the silk line to size according toyour taste, according to your rod length and to your experience. Before cutting the line to correct size do some previous testing reducing its length step bystep, starting with a line 10-15 cm longer than the rod length and adjusting to your personal feeling.

-   Use the loop on the Tenkara silk line to connect the nylon tippet with a loop-to-loop connection.

-   Use a double-loop system to connect the silk line to the Lilian on the Tenkara rod.

 -Grease your silk line before using it: Put some grease between your thumband your forefinger and scrub your line between these two fingers.

-Use the grease delivered with your silk line (Donot use grease containing silicone). Our grease has a pH of 7 and a grade NLGI of3 and comes from the food–industry to be environmental friendly.


-Dry your silk line after each use by drying it up or by winding it

clic here: How to connect your silk line to the rod?